To get MaaS up-and-running in Belgium, created a Belgian MaaS alliance where specific targets will be set focusing on enablers such as the legal framework for MaaS (e.g. approval of a ‘real’ mobility budget), market development, user awareness and technical enablers. Members of the Belgian MaaS alliance will find on this webpage the progress being made.

The BE MaaS alliance is a public-private community brought together 4x a year (=all hands platform meetings) and foresees several workshops&on-topic meetings. The alliance has a public steering group and a private steering group, for which the last one is funded by Vlaio and members.


--> MaaS position paper 2018/2019

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MaaS community:


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All hands platform meetings:

26/02/2019 (10-12h) Brussels
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21/05/2019 (10-12h) Brussels
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3/10/2019 Belgian ITS congress Brussels
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3/12/2019 (10-12h) Brussels
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MaaS meet & greet:

11/10/2018: 34 MaaS-stakeholders: floorplan & company descriptions, some pictures

High-level meetings & open workshops:

26/02/2018 - High-level meeting: Obstacles to the mobility budget  
27/03/2018 - Common approach to open data by PTO's & traffic operators  
24/04/2018 - Traffic Management-as-a-Service  
24/04/2018 - Marketplaces for mobility  
02/05/2018 - The vision & research agenda for MaaS  
26/06/2018 - The use of FCD in traffic management  
23/10/2018 - Regional/national access points  
17/01/2019 - Access in-vehicle data/platforms  
19/02/2019 - Park & ride (P+R)  


19/03/2019 (10-12h) - Workshop need for competence centre
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2/04/2019 (10-12h) - Workshop ”roadmap for access to data and ticketing”
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25/04/2019 (10-12h) - Workshop ITS benefits cyclists and pedestrians
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18/06/2019 (10-12h) - Workshop carpooling
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14/11/2019 (10-12h) - Workshop solutions cut-through-traffic
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