BE MaaS Alliance

A pre-condition for MaaS to happen is that parties - authorities, mobility providers, MaaS providers and many more - are brought together and that they exchange insights and emerging best practices.

Therefore, has founded a Belgian MaaS Alliance that is collaborating on the following topics:

  • regulatory and fiscal framework
  • market development
  • end-user support
  • multimodal infrastructure
  • technical harmonisation.

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Here is where you find the 2023 work programme (and the work we did in earlier years).


About MaaS

MaaS or 'Mobility as a Service' are digital platforms that facilitate seamless door-to-door trip planning, booking, ticketing and/or payment services, and this across all modes of transport, public or private. Rather than having to find, book and pay for each mode of transportation separately, MaaS platforms let users plan and book end-to-end trips using a single app. As such MaaS platforms are an important enabler of multimodal mobility, a policy objective of many authorities - be it at the urban, regional or federal level.

Supporting pages

UK Department of Transport MaaS Code of Practice (August 2023)