To get MaaS up-and-running in Belgium, created a Belgian MaaS alliance where specific targets will be set focusing on enablers such as the legal framework for MaaS (e.g. approval of a ‘real’ mobility budget), market development, user awareness and technical enablers. Members of the Belgian MaaS alliance will find on this webpage the progress being made.

The BE MaaS alliance is a public-private community brought together 4x a year (=all-hands meetings) and foresees several workshops&on-topic meetings (+-10 a year). The alliance has a public and private steering group, for which the last one is funded by Vlaio and members.


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MaaS community:


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All hands platform meetings ( organises every quarter a all-hans meeting to give an overview on MaaS in Belgium):


3/12 14-16h: MaaS all hands meeting @Herman Teirlinck Brussels

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PREVIOUS all-hands meetings:


Workshops ( organises +-10 on-topic workshops each year):

10/6 10-12h: Interoperable ticketing & payment for public transport

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24/6 10-12h: Supporting end-users via (a market for personalised) mobility advisors and by sharing end-user experiences

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16/12 10-12h: Towards common MaaS APIs - Need for a competence centre

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PREVIOUS workshops:

13/05/2020 - ITS benefits cyclists & pedestrians 
07/05/2020 - Transferring machines/mobility hubs 
28/04/2020 - (re-)Regulating mobility and MaaS - lessons learnt from the Finnish Transport Act 
01/04/2020 - Third-party payment within MaaS 
12/02/2020 - Next steps for autonomous shuttles
29/01/2020 - Digital identity management & MaaS 
14/11/2019 - Workshop solutions cut-through-traffic 
12/09/2019 - Workshop license models shared mobility & MaaS 

18/06/2019 - Workshop carpooling 

02/04/2019 - Workshop ”roadmap for access to data and ticketing” 

19/02/2019 - Park & ride (P+R)  

17/01/2019 - Access in-vehicle data/platforms  

23/10/2018 - Regional/national access points  

26/06/2018 - The use of FCD in traffic management  

02/05/2018 - The vision & research agenda for MaaS  

24/04/2018 - Marketplaces for mobility  

24/04/2018 - Traffic Management-as-a-Service  

27/03/2018 - Common approach to open data by PTO's & traffic operators  

26/02/2018 - High-level meeting: Obstacles to the mobility budget  

Other MaaS events:

03/10/2019: MaaS meet&greet, MaaS high-level debate
26/03/2019: MaaS city game: experience in group all possible travelling modes in Brussels (more information see link)
11/10/2018: 34 MaaS-stakeholders: floorplan & company descriptions, some pictures


Other events 2020:

  • 6/2 all day Vakbeurs mobiliteit Brussels Expo
    • 10:00-12:00 Spatial planning & ITS
      • Introduction - Peter Van der Perre,
      • Mobiscore: opportunities for local authorities - Gitte Vandenbergh, Transport & Mobility Leuven
      • MaaS concepts: impact analysis and how to vary to get a desired liveability - Robin Huizenga, PTV Group
      • Enhancing air quality with low-emission zone - Enforcing by means of camera surveillance - Vincent Rawart, Sigmax
      • Discussion & conclusions
    • 14:00-16:00 Mobility hubs & ITS: do's & don'ts
      • Introduction - Peter Van der Perre,
      • How to start with a mobility hub and first lessons-learned - Bram Seeuws,
      • From isolated parkings to connected mobility hubs - David Neys, Cegeka
      • How does the right vehicle in the right place generate more income for cities and operators? - Kris De Pril, Geosparc
      • Discussion & conclusions 


  • 18-20/5 all day: ITS Europe congress Lisbon

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  • 24/9 all day: Belgian congress Bluepoint Brussels

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  • 4-8/10 all day: World ITS congress Los Angeles

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  • 21/10 10-12h: Towards a common C-ITS profile

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  • 18/11 10-12h: Harmonisation of electromobility information & payment

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