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Member: Traxio

Company Name:Traxio
Address:Avenue Jules Bordetlaan 164 - B-1140 Brussels

Contact: Philippe Decrock
Phone: +32 2/778 62 00

Company description:

TRAXIO is the Belgian Confederation of Motor Vehicle Dealers, Repairers and Operators in Related Sectors such as motor vehicle traders (dealers, authorised dealers, used-vehicle dealers), motor vehicle repair companies (roadside assistance and vehicle recovery companies, service stations, garages, fast-fitters, bodywork repair and construction companies, tyre centres, engine rebuilders) and related sectors (vehicle spares, garage tools and equipment, distribution/import of agricultural machinery, civil works machinery, two-wheeled vehicles, and motorcycle and bicycle dealers).

TRAXIO represent more than 16,000 companies (mostly SMEs), and protects the interests of some 90,000 workers. The association provides a range of consultancy services, including legal assistance, a help desk for companies, a debt recovery service and a technical unit.

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Advocacy - Expertise & advise - Netwerking

Traxio, together with her members, forms points of view which goes to the right political level and media. Furthermore, they propose solutions to defend your opinion on important themes and to improve your professional life step by step.

Via her member service and website Traxio offers answers to all your questions. Whether they are about warranty, tax, environment or legal, technical or social matters. Assistance and advice coming from a team of professionals. In addition, they keep you informed of all important changes in legislation and procedures via: infobulletins, magazines, social media, VAT guide ...

Traxio organizes or participates in various fairs and regularly offers interesting information sessions and business lunches.

Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Automotive, Automotive+


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