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Member: Tranzer

Company Name:Tranzer
Address:Stationsplein 61, NL-3818 LE Amersfoort

Contact: Eric van Eijndhoven
Phone: +31 6 53950394

Company description:

More and more cities around the world grind to a halt. Many people want to travel at the same time and with the same modes of transport. We believe that this can be organized a lot smarter. All mobility accessible in those apps customers prefer.


All options for your journey from A to B, fair and clear on your Smartphone. With Tranzer you can buy tickets in-app for public transport or easily book a bike or taxi. Tranzer can be downloaded for free via iOS and Android.

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MaaS platform

Our mission is to become one of the world’s leading MaaS platforms and we are well on our way. Connect your service through our platform and we’ll make sure mobility will become easily accessible for everyone. Through our platform, your service will also be accessible through the apps of our partners, without the hassle of contracts and tedious technical implementations.

Domain: Traffic, Public transport & shared mobility


Product website: