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Company Name:Tractebel
Address:Arianelaan 7 B-1200 Brussel Belgium

Contact: Mattias Vansteenwegen
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Together with our clients it’s our mission to shape the world of tomorrow, by providing them with first-class engineering and consulting services in energy, water & infrastructure. (Daniel Develay, CEO) One of these consulting services is traffic management. The purpose of traffic management is to ensure that the traffic runs smoothly using means such as VMS boards, traffic information via radio and RDS, as well as state-of-the-art route navigation systems. This facilitates traffic control. Our traffic and ITS experts specialise in traffic management and telematics systems which facilitate this kind of control. They have already carried out countless studies on traffic management in urban networks. This also makes Tractebel the ideal partner for working with you on creating the structural and technical architecture for parking and traffic routing systems, traffic control centres, traffic information systems etc.

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ITS consulting

Our travel habits are changing all the time. The data available about our travel habits is growing rapidly. WiFi, Bluetooth, image recognition, radar or SMS enable us to gather information about our travel habits via video, meter, time-measurement and traffic management systems. This continuously creates new opportunities for us to organise your mobility in an ever more efficient and safer way.

The challenge is to integrate all this information into an Intelligent Transport System (ITS), enabling us to continue to develop new applications and services. Although ITS-development is still in its infancy at present, we think it is extremely promising.

Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Police and rescue, Taxation


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References: Mobility plan Ghent