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Member: Paradigm

Company Name:Paradigm
Address:Kunstlaan 21 B-1000 Brussel – Av. des Arts 21 B-1000 Bruxelles

Contact: Hélène Morel
Phone: 02 282 47 70

Company description:

Paradigm is the regional operator for digital transition and technological innovation, at the service of the public administrations of the Brussels-Capital Region and for the benefit of citizens.

Paradigm plays a proactive role as manager and provider of the ICT services catalogue and promotes the pooling of resources. It also guarantees technological and legal vigilance to anticipate the developments and needs of its customers.

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Fix my street

Report incidents within Brussels' public space and help make your city better!

An initiative of Brussels Mobility & BRIC.

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Brussels Data Platform

The BRIC will accompany you in the valorisation projects for your data! Our role is to provide you with the tools and support, particularly from the data science team, which will enable you to make the most of your data.

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