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Member: OPC

Company Name:OPC
Address:Tildonksesteenweg 62 B3020 Herent

Contact: Philippe Maquestiaux
Phone: 0474951310

Company description:

Optimal Parking Control (OPC), a purely Belgian SME with more than 20 years’ experience, is one of the top 3 parking operators in Belgium. Our services and expertise range from parking management on public roads to the development, construction and management of underground and above-ground car parks. With thorough digitalisation and implementation of sustainable and innovative technologies, we tackie the tension between mobility and technology. Our strongest assets are our customisation, out-of-the-box thinking and very short decision lines that result in an optimal mobility plan unique to your city or municipality.

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on-street parking

Optimal Parking Control is the partner of 45 cities and towns in Belgium in implementing motorist-friendly parking policies. Choose your city or municipality for information about parking policies, parking garages, ordering resident cards or for questions about a parking fee.

Domain: Parking & urban mobility


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