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Member: Localyse

Company Name:Localyse
Address:Prins Boudewijnlaan 41, B-2650 Edegem

Contact: Chris Hoogwys
Phone: +32 (0)3.450.76.88

Company description:

Since 2014 we are Google Cloud Premier Partner of the Benelux (and Swiss) and specialized on Google Maps. We create products ourself, build on top of Google Maps, but we also support our clients during their appdevelopment. Are you wondering how Google Maps can help your organisation? Or wondering what location based data can do for your business? Location is our passion and we truly believe that everyone benefits of a good, structured and creative Location Strategy. A Location Strategy is a strategy where you can find a great value for your business, using locations or location based information. We would like to support your business to find the best Location Strategy.

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Traffic monitoring (ODIQ)

ODIQ helps you improve access to locations, due to a smart check and route optimization analysis for areas all over the world. ODIQ has all the latest date traffic information at its fingertips, enabling better decision-making regarding traffic situations. During roadworks, ODIQ is a helpful tool to optimize and evaluate traffic situations.

ODIQ is the perfect tool for government organizations, utility and road construction companies that want to monitor accessibility and improve it where they can, for contractors that want to show that their interventions have had a positive impact on traffic, and for traffic experts who want to analyze traffic situations in context.

Domain: Traffic


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References: Breda, Den Haag, BAM, Soest, Rijkswaterstaat...

Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Platform consist of available building blocks (Products/APIs), which have endless possibilities to be combined and to be used in your own solution. Or you can also use them for your public website in shape of a store locator. Combining these building blocks gives you endless possibilities to distinguish yourself from others.


Domain: Traffic


Product website:

References: Driemond,