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Member: Lantis

Company Name:Lantis
Address:Sint-Pietersvliet 7, B-2000 Antwerpen

Contact: Candide De Bruyn
Phone: +32 (0) 472 53 19 36

Company description:

As the management company of the Flemish government, we realize complex mobility and livability projects that make Antwerp, and by extension, Flanders flourish. 

With the Oosterweel Connection we are preparing Flanders for a sustainable future. Not only are we making the Antwerp region more accessible and safer by completing the Antwerp Ring with new bike and highway tunnels, but we are also ensuring that the Ring becomes more harmonious with its surroundings. By constructing Park and Rides around the city and rolling out the largest electric bike-sharing network in Flanders, we are making it easier than ever to leave the car behind and embark on a sustainable journey.

Our ambition is embedded in our name. Lantis stands for 'Living Antwerp through Innovation and Collaboration.' This is our promise to the people of Antwerp, the Flemish community, our many stakeholders, and our colleagues.

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With the construction of three new Park and Rides, Lantis provides a total of 3,885 additional parking spaces on the city's outskirts. Those heading into the city can easily, safely, and affordably leave their cars behind to cover the final kilometers by tram, bus, or (electric) shared bicycle. This ensures that you reach your destination faster and in a more sustainable manner while keeping cars out of the city. A win-win for everyone and another step closer to achieving that all-important modal shift. Our brand-new Park and Rides are equipped with electric charging stations and secure bike storage facilities, all for the daily ticket price of €1.

Domain: Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility


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Smooth commuting from the outskirts to the city or work? You can achieve that with an electric bicycle. They are perfect for covering larger distances comfortably and quickly. That's why Lantis is working on a shared electric bicycle system in the region between Sint-Niklaas and Wuustwezel. With a whopping 1,650 bicycles, we aim to entice even more people to leave their cars behind. Nowhere else in Flanders is it as easy to get around with an electric bike on the go.

Domain: Public transport & shared mobility


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