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Member: Geosparc

Company Name:Geosparc
Address:Brugsesteenweg 587, B-9030 Gent

Contact: Jeroen Saegeman
Phone: 092366018

Company description:

Geosparc's mission is to improve the lives of citizens with well thought-out, geolocation based solutions based on open software and open data. 

We create digital maps for our clients. We create those digital maps based on open data, commercial data and proprietary data. And then, we integrate those digital maps within our clients specific application, within any software they use (CRM, ERP, Document Management System, etc) or within their business processes. This integration results in better business decision-making, more efficient operations and brand new insights. In doing so we help our clients unlock the full potential of spatial information contributing to a smarter, safer and more eco-friendly world.

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Your city is crowded by cars. Shopkeepers are complaining that customers can’t park nearby. Residents can’t park near their houses. Your city needs an effective way to manage a balanced flow of cars, allowing visitors to easily find temporary parking spots, and residents to feel assured they can park their cars near their houses. PARKTRACK is a vital reporting tool to help you enforce parking regulations in your city.

PARKTRACK gives you a real-time overview of all sensor-equipped parking spots, tells you exactly how long cars have been parked on these parking spots, and provides you a trustworthy and user-friendly interface to effectively enforce overstays in your city. PARKTRACK is an indispensable tool to resolve the parking nightmares of today.

With PARKTRACK you can:
- set up easy and trustworthy reporting based on sensor data
- get a real-time overview of all sensor-equipped parking spots in your city
- get insights in how parking spots are being used, including parking for electric vehicles - effectively enforce parking overstay violations when parking time limits are exceeded
- connect to all types of sensors

Domain: Traffic, Parking & urban mobility


Product website: Parktrack

References: Parko