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Member: Dott

Company Name:Dott
Address:4 rue de la Presse

Contact: Marien Jomier
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Company description:

At Dott, we’re moving us all in a better direction to make the places we call home less polluted and congested. Transforming the way we travel is how we’re investing in that future. We’re here to free our cities with clean rides for everyone – and we’d love you to come along for the ride.

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Shared e-bikes & e-scooters

The simplest way to move around your city – safely and efficiently

We operate our custom, sustainable vehicles to stand the test of time. They’re brought in for regular maintenance and boast all the latest safety features, like extra bright front and rear lights, up to 50 km range swappable batteries, and large wheels for sturdy grip. Plus, thanks to the smooth electric acceleration, riding our vehicles is a piece of cake!

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Domain: Public transport & shared mobility


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