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Member: Circ

Company Name:Circ
Address:Rue du Trône 98, B-1050 Ixelles

Contact: Sylvester Spitaels
Phone: +32 476 86 23 95

Company description:

Circ is revolutionizing urban mobility. We are changing how people move around cities by developing and deploying a smart, fun and environmentally-friendly transportation system. Headquartered in Berlin, but with mostly-autonomous local teams distributed across major European cities, we are starting by launching a fleet of next-generation electric kick-scooters.

And this is only the beginning. Circ is one of the fastest growing global tech start-ups, with the bold ambition of improving people’s lives through safe, convenient, affordable and comfortable mobility.

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Find an e-scooter nearby on the map and unlock it with the app. Get your helmet on. Ride swift and safe!

Leave your e-scooter in a responsible place, locking it with the app. Onward with your day.

Cities are about connections. And we’re set on improving both. Before we start in a new city, we first talk with the local authorities and the community to make sure we're bringing something that adds to the lives of the people living and visiting there.

Domain: Traffic, Public transport & shared mobility


Product website:

References: Brussels, Liège, Ostend...