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Member: Be-Mobile

Company Name:Be-Mobile
Address:K. Mercierlaan 1A B-9090 Melle Belgium

Contact: +32 9 330 51 80
Phone: +32 9 330 51 80

Company description:

Be-Mobile is a market leading provider in Smart Mobility. The current company is the result of a recent merge of 3 companies: Be-Mobile, Flow and Mobile-For. 

Be-Mobile invested as a majority shareholder into Flitsmeister, the Dutch most popular traveler App.
The Be-Mobile mobility data collection is fed by the drivers, connected vehicles, road infrastructure, parking, tolling, bike counting,…. from many countries over the world. It is then enriched to make a mobility big data platform to deliver a fresh approach in traffic monitoring and management, traveler information, mobility payment and connected vehicles services.

Be-Mobile operates a full range of solutions for travelers, public authorities and companies to regain control over their mobility.  The next step for Be-Mobile is to become a “Mobility as a Service” operator, where mobility is just a tool not the goal.

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Mobigo platform

Mobigo is a middleware platform that brings all kinds of mobility data together. The main source is floating car data based on GPS coordinates but also information on public transport, bicycle sharing and taxis. The data is linked together and enriched e.g. with a route planner to offer a service for users who want to know the quickest route to the city. A City can use the data to monitor and analyze the mobility of the past weeks or companies can develop specific services on top of this platform e.g. it could be interesting for a logistics company to predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of a load. 

Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Police and rescue, Automotive, Taxation


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References: Slim naar Antwerpen: a new website that supports the communication campaign around the large infrastructure projects of Antwerpen in the coming years