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Member: Traxio

Company Name:Traxio
Address:Avenue Jules Bordetlaan 164 - B-1140 Brussels

Contact: Philippe Decrock
Phone: +32 2/778 62 00

Company description:

TRAXIO is the Belgian Confederation of Motor Vehicle Dealers, Repairers and Operators in Related Sectors such as motor vehicle traders (dealers, authorised dealers, used-vehicle dealers), motor vehicle repair companies (roadside assistance and vehicle recovery companies, service stations, garages, fast-fitters, bodywork repair and construction companies, tyre centres, engine rebuilders) and related sectors (vehicle spares, garage tools and equipment, distribution/import of agricultural machinery, civil works machinery, two-wheeled vehicles, and motorcycle and bicycle dealers).

TRAXIO represent more than 16,000 companies (mostly SMEs), and protects the interests of some 90,000 workers. The association provides a range of consultancy services, including legal assistance, a help desk for companies, a debt recovery service and a technical unit.

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