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Member: Mobly

Company Name:Mobly
Address:Posthofbrug 6-8 Box 5, B-2600 Antwerpen

Contact: Karel Byloos
Phone: +32 (0)497 40 00 96

Company description:

Mobility is freedom. Yet we are often not as free as we would like. Mobly makes you more mobile, with smart technological solutions and customised mobility services. In this way, we put you back behind the wheel, with more insight and certainty. Today and in the future.

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Mobility insurance

The mobility insurance insures you and your family on every vehicle. In addition, you will be rewarded if you leave the car, because we insure it per kilometre.

A new era, a new mobility: that requires new solutions. That's why we don't offer you traditional car insurance. We opt for a mobility insurance that starts from your journey.

Domain: Traffic, Parking & urban mobility, Automotive, Automotive+


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Road assistance on demand

Smart and economical driving? With Mobly Go on your smartphone, you'll always have road assistance in your pocket, gain insight into your car's performance and move around freely, anytime, anywhere. With the app, requesting assistance is a piece of cake and you only pay if you actually have a breakdown. Download the app, just like 20,000 other Mobly Go users. 

Domain: Automotive+


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