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Member: MMBB

Company Name:MMBB
Address:Klein Vilvoordestraat 9, 3078 Kortenberg

Contact: Thierry Devresse
Phone: +32485559276

Company description:

MMBB was created to respond to the needs of companies regarding the implementation and management of a new, more flexible and responsible mobility that uses the fiscally advantageous framework of the law published in March 2019. 

​On the one hand, employees are looking for other forms of mobility than the classic company car, which is very widespread.

​On the other hand, companies are finding it very difficult to set up new mobility. The difficulty stems from the variety of the offer and the resulting complexity.

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Mobility budget management

Mobility Budget management is an activity that manages all the trips chosen by your employees within the framework prescribed by law. We offer you, within the framework of a service contract, the management of all these activities without you having to create, learn or define the procedures.

Domain: Taxation


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