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Member: Europcar

Company Name:Europcar
Address:Avenue d'Auderghem 68, B-1040 Brussels

Contact: Youna de Ville de Goyet
Phone: 0

Company description:

Europcar is the leading brand in car and van hire in 3835 rental stations across the world and 26 stations in Belgium. Europcar has over 60 years of experience in providing quality tourism and luxury cars, and vans for private or professional use in Brussels, Liege and Zaventem Airport. Our fleet is composed of 170 different car models to cater for all your needs: small and medium models or vans for moving houses or work deliveries but also prestige cars.

Europcar has strengtened its position as a global player in the market for mobility solutions. Europcar Belgium is working closely with companies that are each specialists in their own domain, such as:
- Ubeeqo, a carsharing specialist in mobility services and fleet management (e.g Brussels city)
- Scooty, a rental service for electric free-floating scooters via an app (e.g Antwerp, Brussels)


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Ubeeqo - business carsharing

Ubeeqo is the market leader in business carsharing. With more than 10 years experience, we are offering the companies alternatives transports modes which are tailored by the client itself. 

Ubeeqo App for business - One single booking platform for all daily business mobility.

We provide the employees with a booking tool (online or via our App), where they can either book a car through carsharing, a car rental or a taxi. All spendings are combined through a single monthly invoice. Ubeeqo’s solutions free corporates from expense reports for all daily travels around the city.

Corporate carsharing - Ubeeqo’s alternative fleet management solution.

With Ubeeqo’s most advanced technology and service, pool cars become easy to book and manage. Company carsharing leads to fleet optimization, more sustainability, and higher employees satisfaction.

Domain: Public transport & shared mobility


Product website:

References: Brussels

Scooty - free float electric scooters

Scooty is bringing Electric Scooter Sharing in Free Float to the city of Brussels. You can now trace, reserve and ride an electric scooter, keylessly. All you need is our application.

Domain: Public transport & shared mobility


Product website:

References: Antwerp, Brussels