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Member: InfraSoft

Company Name:InfraSoft
Address:Antoon Catriestraat 18, 9031 Gent

Contact: Christophe Laverge
Phone: +32 477 13 50 50

Company description:

InfraSoft is a software engineering company specialized in real-time supervision, automation and integration of remote control components of infrastructure equipment such as bridges, locks, tunnels or smart cities, all of which integrate divers systems such as cameras, lighting, ventilation or heating. The software running and monitoring such distributed installations is crucial to the success and safety of the project. InfraSoft develops software (based on Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) making it easy to link components and technologies used in infrastructure projects built to last for decades. As a producer of products and services InfraSoft focuses on the maintainability and evolvability of commercial off the shelf solutions. The InfraSoft team of seasoned professionals has been involved in infrastructure projects around the world for over 30 years. More at

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