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Member: NRB

Company Name:NRB
Address:Parc des Hauts-Sarts, 2ème Avenue 65 B-4040 Herstal Belgium

Contact: Luc Wens
Phone: +32 2 286 57 11

Company description:

The mission of the NRB group is to supply reliable and innovative ICT solutions of the highest quality throughout Belgium: infrastructural services, systems integration, application development, managed operations and consultancy services. 

To carry out this mission, our organisations relies on the competences, the creativity, the flexibility, the effectiveness and the commitment of its employees.

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Service-oriented architectures (SOA) & open data sources

Choosing NRB means you can count on a dedicated team of more than 25 experts: SOA Architects, Data Architects, Analyst-Developers SOA and SOA Operations Specialists. We will focus on governance with a clear catalogue of services, usage of best practices and tools.

We are able to integrate all types of systems:

Off-the-shelf solutions (HR and accounting packages, etc.) in existing environments
Digital channels (mobile, social media, emailing, extranet, etc.)
External data: public (open data), generic or vertical (particular to one industry)
Putting in place an integration platform (ESB/Enterprise Service Bus)

Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Taxation


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References: Plan Digital Wallonia